What I do

Despite working with data, the end goal isn't about data: it's about helping businesses grow. Depending on where my clients stand, my involvement will vary from strategic discussions to a more hands-on approach. My main areas of expertise are:

  • Organization & culture: how to get the right team structure and mindset to succeed with data?
  • Business requirements: what KPIs are relevant based on the business model and growth stage?
  • Tracking plan: what data should we collect to answer the questions the businses has?
  • Implementation: how do we collect the data consistently and accurately?
  • Reporting: how to visualize data in a way stakeholders can best consume it?

To give back to the open-source community from which I rely on, I answer questions related to Analytics on Stack Overflow:

profile for Max at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers

My answers have reached over 1.2M people so I'm happy I can have a positive impact. From time to time I'll end up n1 ranked for questions on analytics:


Some of the companies I've worked with over the years:

About me

I am French and 33 yo. I grew up in France (Laval) until I was 21. I then spent 3 years in the UK (London) to do a Masters in Computer Science (UeL) and work in network engineering (F5 Networks) before moving to The Netherlands (Amsterdam) to work as a marketer for various companies (e.g. RELX). Over the years, I transitionned from Network engineering to Data via Cloud Infrastructure -> Web Companies -> Web Analytics. I now share my time between Amsterdam and Spain (Palma de Mallorca, which the cathedral picture at the top of this page is taken from) while working as an analytics consultant. More info.


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