A passionate professional who loves helping organizations leverage their data to do good

What I do

I work with data as a consultant, which means I usually have to cover several aspects of the data chain

Data engineering

This has been my focus for the last couple of years. I work mainly with Google Cloud Platform (GCP)Google Cloud Platform (GCP) setting up data warehousing pipelines to BigQueryBigQuery

  • Leveraging existing templates from Data Transfers and DataflowDataflow to avoid re-inventing the wheel
  • Using pythonpython Cloud Functions+Scheduler+PubSub when custom work is needed
  • SQLSQL & scheduled queries + partitioning to create efficient data models ready for reporting
  • When it comes to pythonpython I obviously work with common libraries (pandas, numpy, more recently polars). I have also worked with AirflowAirflow in the past although always found it to be overkill for most use cases. Lately I have had a lot of fun playing around with dagsterdagster.

    Data collection

    For years I used to setup web analytics data collection using tools such as SegmentSegment,AmplitudeAmplitude,Google Tag ManagerGoogle Tag Manager,Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics,MixpanelMixpanel etc... However due to increasing privacy regulations (e.g. GDPR) and tracking prevention (e.g. Safari ITP, Firefox ETP, Chrome plugins etc...), this has become less and less fun to do so I have stopped and focused on data warehousing instead.

    Data visualization / BI

    For clients I have been delivering reports mostly with Power BIPower BI as it integrates nicely with BigQuery and brings the power of DAX. On some ocassions I will build lightweight dashboards in Looker StudioLooker Studio andGoogle ColabGoogle Colab if my clients don't mind coding and want something more flexible. Privately I have have a huge amount of fun experimenting with streamlitstreamlit.

    Data science

    This is what I love the most, but I use it mostly for personal projects as I feel there's lot I still need to learn to be good at it and offer such services to my clients. For instance I have had some success using scitkit-learnscitkit-learn to build a heraldry classifier / search model, used some huggingfacehuggingface models to work with text and images.

    Work / Consultancy experience

    I started working in network engineering, and progressively made my way to the data world via Cloud infrastructures which got me to work for Digital companies, working in marketing teams on analytics. In 2015 and have been working as consultant on data engineering (collection, warehousing) ever since.

    As a consultant, my main experiences have been (some of which still ongoing):

  • dermalogica.png
    Dermalogica: Data engineering (2022-present)
  • humanitas.png
    Humanitas: Data engineering (2020-present)
  • shimano.png
    Shimano: Data engineering (2019-present)
  • dorel.jpeg
    Dorel: Data engineering (2016-2018)
  • As an employee, my main experiences have been:

  • elsevier.png
    Elsevier: Analytics/CRO Manager (2013-2015)
  • f5.svg
    F5 networks: Senior Network Engineer (2007-2010)
  • And some internships during my studies:

  • frgouv.jpeg
    Ministry of Defense: Network Administrator (2006)
  • frgouv.jpeg
    Ministry of Agriculture: System Administrator (2005)
  • Testimonials

    From colleagues and clients over the years (see them on Linkedin):

    André de Klerk

    VP Portfolio Mgmt, RELX

    "Very talented guy who knows a lot about web analytics. Able to communicate this in a relevant story to every level."

    Fabian Kersten

    Global Head of Ecom, WABCO

    "Combines the rare skills of data, business accruement and technical expertise that is not easy to find."

    Luca Barboni

    Head of Growth, Resonance AI

    "No-bullshit advisor, passionate about Analytics and expert in Lean methods. Love the mindful but straightforward style."

    Gabriel Candido Da Silva

    Digital Marketing Director, StuDocu

    "Worked together in eBusiness for 2 years. His attention to details and data-driven mindset was an asset missed in our department."

    Education / Certifications

    I started with computer/telecom studies, and lately have been focusing more on data science:

    MITx cert
    MITx cert
  • img
    MITx: Probability - The Science of Uncertainty and Data (2021)
  • img
    MITx: Machine Learning with Python-From Linear Models to Deep Learning (2020)
  • img
    UEL: Masters in Computer Security and Forensics (2008)
  • img
    Rennes 1: Bsc in Telecom (2007)
  • img
    Rousseau: Bsc in Network engineering/programming (2006)
  • About me

    French, late 30's, living on the west coast of France (Saint-Jean-de-Monts) after a 15-year expat life:

  • img
    2022-present: back to France, probably forever, still full remote
  • img
    2021-2022: back to Netherlands to close out the chapter
  • img
    2018-2021: started full remote data work in Palma de Mallorca
  • img
    2007-2010: relocated to the Netherlands (The Hague, Amsterdam) and transitioned into marketing/analytics/data roles
  • img
    2007-2010: first moved abroad to the UK to study and then work as network engineer
  • img
    birth-2007: born and raised in France, computer/telecom studies